Jean-Pierre Vic is a pure product of the “bougnate line“.  He is a descendant of the fourth generation of the Aveyronnais Bougnats.
His ancestors left St Amans des Cots and Laguiole, the capital of Aubrac and went to Paris.  Like billions of others of their compatriots, they went at first to deliver coal - where the word “bougnat“ comes from charbougnat - then sold from wine.
Little by little the bougnats became bistrot owners and lemonade professionals.

dAs good descendant of a bougnat Jean-Pierre Vic followed this line.  After a hotel training at the school Grégoire Ferrandi (6th district of Paris), he took up a business in Paris next to the Odeon "le Cochon de Lait" with his friend Alain Grialou from Lassouts, before taking over "le Commerce" at Châtillon (92) before falling for his Guinguette de Villeneuve-Saint-Georges where he serves notably aligot, a fetish dish, a mixture of mashed potato and Aubrac cheese, that you have to work and work in order to obtain a perfect texture.  Its the great speciality of the North Aveyron.