Jean-Pierre Vic


Proud of his origins, Jean-Pierre Vic learned the accordion from a very young age with René Joly at the Cabrette and Cabrettaire à la Galoche d'Aurillac mythic place of Auvergnat folklore.
Then honest folkloric group of the Bourrée Montagnarde, one of the most important bourrées of France, as a dancer and musician, he is now the President. That's why today, la Guinguette Auvergnate takes part in traditional music as much as French and International style at the end of the week.

For more than 15 years, Jean-Pierre Vic has chaired the Bourrée Montagnarde, in Paris, between the 21 groups and affiliated bourrées in the League Auvergnate, the Bourrée Auvergnate doesn't go unnoticed.
" With its 80 members, the Bourrée Montagnarde founded in 1927 reunites all the generations from the smallest to the grandparents."